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July 14th 2017

Hi Guys               We have an APEC 5 axis G series CNC Vertical Miller sited in the Preston area. This machine has MAGLEV drives and other technologically advanced features not available on most other machines. If you would like to view this machine, please give me a call, and I will be happy to arrange […]

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Another Technos Vision Wide machine sold into Aerospace

July 21st 2016

VWM Technologies have just put another Vision Wide machine into a growing Aerospace company in South Yorkshire.   The new Machine is a SF 3120 SF series machines, with typical VWM products features of rigid structure and high precision, are designed with direct-driven X-Y transmission device and torque enlarger unit on X-axis, increase the X-Y […]

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VWM Technologies win another machine refurbishment

July 17th 2015

VWM Technologies has just won an order to completely refurbish and modify an eight meter Marwin vertical milling machine. The customer, who has recently had a plate saw refurbished and modified by VWM Technologies, was happy to place the order for this second machine refurbishment and modifications because he had such good service and is […]

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